Fulbright TEA Teachers in the US

“The Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (Fulbright TEA) brings international, secondary-level teachers to the US for a six-week program. Through exchange and professional learning programs, ­teachers improve educational outcomes and prepare today’s youth for success in a globalized, interconnected world. Each year, approximately 400 educators, from the United States and over 75 other countries, participate in these exchanges, and reach more than 75,000 students annually when they return to their classrooms.”

INTERLINK at UNC Greensboro and MSU Bozeman are proud to help facilitate some of the learning for these incredible educators. 

On September 21st, Executive Director, Jeff Puccini, led a workshop “Teaching Civics to Teens” for a group of five Fulbright TEA social-studies teachers from Venezuela, India, Ghana, Russia, and Malawi. Participants learned about project-based curriculum that introduced teenagers to key concepts in Western civics education. 

Throughout September and October 2022, Online Program Director, Valley Peters, provided an English course for TEA Fellows from 17 countries. Fellows explored cultural issues, student centered learning, and technology while working to refine their own English skills. Fellows also engaged in reflective learning so that they can integrate this approach into their own teaching and use it as they train other instructors when they return to their home countries.

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