Since 1980, thousands of students have attended INTERLINK to receive intensive English training and prepare for academic studies and professional development.

The President’s Message…


Success in today’s world demands analytic thinking, increased cross-cultural competence, and effective communication skills. Proficiency in a second language, especially English, is vital for students’ academic performance and for business people’s professional interaction and effectiveness in negotiations. To those ends, INTERLINK provides a unique, project-based, experiential curriculum, inspired by learning theories, research, and practical applications. The INTERLINK experience engages learners actively in diverse linguistic, academic, and cross-cultural settings. Individual needs and progress are carefully monitored, and learners receive systematic feedback, encouragement, and support.

Located on campuses of top-ranked U.S. universities, INTERLINK offers its students full access to all facilities and many academic services, including assistance with conditional admission to these institutions. Students can meet American students and professors, audit or take classes for credit, and experience university campus life. Throughout their stay, students receive help from our dedicated faculty and staff with personal, cultural, and academic challenges.

For those who cannot take advantage of our on-campus programs in person, INTERLINK now offers live, online classes throughout the year. We are happy to be able to help students achieve their learning goals from the comfort of their homes.

As entered now has entered its fifth decade of service in higher education, our evolution is pushing us to reach out to other countries as well.  Our initial prototype at a Saudi Arabian institution, Al Yamamah University, has become well established and has enabled us to adapt our methodology to different conditions without losing its key parameters (noted above). Although technology has opened language content opportunities that weren’t once available, language is fundamentally a social process, and our commitment remains to real-time instructional guidance which is essential for fluency and critical thinking to develop.

As we expand our operations internationally, it seems fitting that we adopt a new name that better matches this new identity.  We have chosen “INTERLINK International Institutes” to reflect this expanded focus.

Wherever we may be able to serve you, in the U.S. or abroad, we invite you to take advantage of our innovative approaches and culturally enriching learning environments.  

With warmest wishes,
Ahad Shahbaz

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