For over four decades, INTERLINK has been in the forefront of student-centered learning because of its global vision, commitment to transformative education, and focus on experiential learning, using  a project-based curriculum. Guided by the values of quality and fairness, our faculty promote higher order thinking, reflective ways of learning, and respectful attitudes. Those who share our learner-centered paradigm and commit to working collaboratively toward their own and others’ professional development have always enjoyed our unique teaching and learning environment. 

INTERLINK offers competitive salaries, benefit packages, and a flexible teaching environment in which teacher creativity can have a positive impact on student learning, and in which support and professional growth are provided. For more specific information and the application procedure, view the available positions or visit the related Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you are an ESL/EFL professional or administrator eager to excel in the field, experience effective and innovative approaches to teaching, and make a transformative difference in the lives and on the education of your students, please study the job postings below closely and then apply.

EFL Instructor Positions at Al Yamamah University
Saudi Arabia Employment FAQ
Lead ESL Instructor at UNCG
USA Employment FAQ

David Sauve, English Instructor –

As I reflect back on my experience, joining INTERLINK was a great decision for me and my family. I have nothing but positive things to say about INTERLINK management and faculty. INTERLINK’s curriculum is unique and allows for instructor autonomy. The instructors working for INTERLINK are qualified and dedicated to their craft. The management team and support staff do everything in their power to help with new instructor transition, professional development and even maintenance on the accommodations. In addition, the faculty go out of their way to help new instructors adapt and align themselves to the INTERLINK curriculum. The instructional coordinators work closely to help instructors develop as professionals and the director and assistant director are an integral part of the process. I would highly recommend INTERLINK to anyone considering teaching in the Middle East.

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