January 27, 2014


If you are an ESL/EFL professional eager to excel in the field, experience effective and innovative approaches to teaching, and make a transformative difference in the lives and on the education of your students, please study the job postings below closely and then apply.

Job Positions

U.S. Student Services Coordinator U.S. Instructor Saudi Arabia Instructor


Frequently Asked Questions

U.S. Employment KSA Employment


INTERLINK has always welcomed educators with a strong commitment to the profession and a learner-centered approach. Providing employees fulfilling careers in international education and opportunities for professional growth, INTERLINK offers competitive salary and benefit packages and a flexible teaching environment where teacher creativity and autonomy can have a positive impact on student learning.

For more than thirty-five years, INTERLINK has been offering language training, academic preparation, and cultural orientation to students, scholars and professionals from around the world. With institutes on university campuses in the US and Saudi Arabia, INTERLINK is comprised of an international community of ELT professionals and administrators fully committed to helping students succeed in academic, professional, and personal realms.

Guided by the values of quality and fairness, our faculty promote a higher order thinking, enhanced ways of learning, and respectful attitudes. INTERLINK’s project-based, experiential, learner-centered approach has not only enriched the lives of thousands of students  but has also given many in the field opportunities to look at teaching and learning in a new and refreshing light.

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