University of North Carolina Greensboro English Pathway Program

Learn English while earning a degree from University of North Carolina Greensboro

Program Information

In INTERLINK and UNCG’s Pathway Program, students can earn university credits while enrolled in INTERLINK’s English program. Upon completion of the program, students can enroll as full-time students at UNCG.

Core Courses

Reading & Writing
Communication Skills

Proficiency Levels

6 levels
Initial level placement is determined after the placement tests are takenWe do not offer classes for beginner students.


Total duration of study and course schedule are dependent on English proficiency level

How it works

Submit your application, take an English proficiency test, and begin attending online English classes.

Start university courses at UNCG

Enroll in UNCG courses once you have met the level requirement for your academic program. Learn more (to FAQ question)

Upon successful completion of the INTERLINK program, students meet the English proficiency requirement to be a full-time student at UNCG

Continue your degree program at UNCG

Continue your academic program as a full-time student at UNCG

Tuition & Fees

The total cost of the program varies according to academic program and duration of studies. See below for the most up to date information about program tuition and fees. 

Registration Fee
Full-time Tuition
Part-time Tuition

UNCG Tuition & Fees

For more information, visit UNCG’s Tuition and Fees page and select the program you are interested in. Select the Online/Distance Learning option. Refer to the line indicating TOTAL – Outside NC for a total cost estimate. Most courses available are 3 credit hours.

How to Apply

Once you have submitted your application, pay the $50 application fee, and schedule your placement test. See our Online Student Application Process for more information.

Apply to UNCG

Visit UNCG’s website to view requirements and submit your application. Students wanting to take courses at the undergraduate level should apply through Undergraduate Admissions. Students wanting to take courses at the graduate level should apply through the graduate school.

Please complete the provided contact form for further information.


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