Scholarships fall into the following categories. For further information, please contact us at

I. Family Members of Alumni

Knowing that families make sacrifices when they send their children abroad, INTERLINK offers a 20% reduction in the cost of education for family of students and alumni.

II. Government Agencies

A special tuition discount may be offered for groups of students from any single source per institute per term, such as a corporate sponsor or a university located outside the US.

III. Tuition Discount for University Scholarship Recipients

INTERLINK offers a 20% tuition discount to students who have been awarded scholarships by INTERLINK’s partner universities or affiliated institutions. To qualify for this discount, university scholarship recipients must apply directly to INTERLINK and not through an agent. Students receiving this discount do not qualify for any other INTERLINK scholarships.

To apply, please send a copy of your scholarship offer to with your name in the subject line.

IV. University Referral Scholarship

INTERLINK’s partner universities’ exchange students will receive a 20% tuition discount once their advisor at the university has recommended that they take INTERLINK courses.

For additional scholarship opportunities, click the links below:
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