Teaching Positions at INTERLINK/Al Yamamah University

All positions are currently filled. Applications are no longer being accepted.

EFL Instructor Positions for Men and Women

INTERLINK International Institutes at Al Yamamah University Campuses
Riyadh and Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Teaching Context

With separate campuses for men and women, Al Yamamah University (YU) offers programs in Business Administration, Architecture & Engineering, and Law as well as Executive MBA, master’s degrees in Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, and Business Law.

English being the medium of instruction, INTERLINK International Institutes, Inc. at Al Yamamah provides an intensive English language program during the foundation year to prepare students for their academic studies at the University. Additionally, INTERLINK offers language training to: 1) businesses and government agencies whose personnel need tailored, short-term programs for special purposes and 2) individuals in the larger community wishing to improve their English language skills for personal, professional, and study abroad purposes. INTERLINK also provides teacher training for instructors in K-12 schools.

A focus on transformative education and client-oriented services has enabled both institutions, Al Yamamah University and INTERLINK, to be recognized for excellence among institutions of higher education, numerous governmental agencies, and the private sector. This visibility has contributed to their impressive growth and popularity among employers. In August 2022, Al Yamamah will open its third campus in Al Khobar on the East Coast of Saudi Arabia, with its first year only for INTERLINK students.

Curriculum and The Role of Instructors

INTERLINK utilizes a project-based instructional approach to help students to discover key aspects of the English language through activities linked to projects. It operates without textbooks, giving students more involvement in discovering and utilizing language and contexts in purposeful, collaborative creation. Students and instructors use portfolios to document and reflect on progress and proficiency. This process is aimed at having students become critical thinkers and autonomous learners and develop habits of thought, personal initiative, and engagement necessary for academic success.  

For instructors to work successfully in such a learning environment, several conditions must apply: they themselves are interested in innovative approaches and are willing to learn, change, and grow; their lesson planning relies on regular teacher reflection (personal as well as peer observation, analysis, action); their classroom activities engage student needs and interests through incorporation of student produced or identified ideas/materials; and their assessment of student learning and targeted feedback are regular and ongoing.


Full-time faculty are expected to:

  • Teach in all skill areas (20-22 contact hours per week)
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings and student activities and other program activities, including professional training, orientation, workshops, placement testing, and necessary tasks that contribute to student/client success and satisfaction
  • Perform student-related tasks, including advising, record-keeping, and report writing
  • Participate in meetings (with students, faculty, parents, and others on and off campus)
  • Keep office hours for advising and counseling students
  • Serve on committees, participating in on- and off-campus activities and events
Qualifications and Requirements
  • A genuine commitment to students, teaching, the profession, and to a humanistic teaching philosophy espoused by INTERLINK
  • A master’s degree in TESOL, Applied Linguistics, English or related fields (Or an MA with a CELTA/DELTA OR TEFL (120 hrs)
  • Familiarity with learner-focused approaches to language acquisition
  • Superior communication skill – both in speaking and writing
  • Two or more years of relevant ESL/EFL teaching experience with adult learners and at least one year of teaching and/or living experience in another culture
  • Strong interest in, sensitivity to, and ability to adjust to a new culture where the way of life requires understanding, conformity and flexibility

Preference will be given to candidates who:

  • have backgrounds in English for Specific Purposes, teacher training, teaching of science or mathematics;
  • are fluent in other languages;
  • have Peace Corps or other humanitarian volunteer/service/work experience.
Salary and Benefits
  • Initial starting salary of $39,000 – $44,000 per annum
  • Round-trip transportation to and from Saudi Arabia
  • Furnished housing
  • Medical insurance coverage
  • 45-day paid annual leave and some other holidays throughout the year, as per the university calendar

Learn more about INTERLINK at Al Yamamah (also referred to as SILC) at http://www.yu.edu.sa

All positions are currently filled. Applications are no longer being accepted.

David Sauve, English Instructor –

As I reflect back on my experience, joining INTERLINK was a great decision for me and my family. I have nothing but positive things to say about INTERLINK management and faculty. INTERLINK’s curriculum is unique and allows for instructor autonomy. The instructors working for INTERLINK are qualified and dedicated to their craft. The management team and support staff do everything in their power to help with new instructor transition, professional development and even maintenance on the accommodations. In addition, the faculty go out of their way to help new instructors adapt and align themselves to the INTERLINK curriculum. The instructional coordinators work closely to help instructors develop as professionals and the director and assistant director are an integral part of the process. I would highly recommend INTERLINK to anyone considering teaching in the Middle East.

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