Al Yamamah Prospective Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective employees interested in working at INTERLINK Language Centers at Al Yamamah University often have similar questions, so we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions below. Click the questions to view the answers. 

The Program

What is INTERLINK at Al Yamamah University?
What is INTERLINK’s role/mission in the teaching/learning contexts?
What is the scope of the program?

The Students

Who are the students?
What is the students' attitude toward authority – such as parents, teachers, etc.? Are they typically respectful or not?
What are Saudi students generally interested in?
Are students very shy, or are they happy to talk when drawn out?
Is it possible or appropriate to meet with students after class for extracurricular activities such as informal discussions, conversation groups, joint sports activities and other outdoor activities during lunchtime or after school?
How much English have students learned during their college experience?
How motivated are the students?
What are some of the challenges teachers may find with their students?

The Teaching Context

What is the number of teaching contact hours?
What is a typical class size?
What is a typical daily schedule?
What kind of curriculum does the program have?
How much freedom does the curriculum allow individual teachers?
How is the student viewed differently in a student-centered classroom?
What teaching resources are available? Will INTERLINK provide extensive materials, or would it be good to bring my own?
If content is not specified, then how does assessment work? Are there standardized tests that determine grades?
What is the role of technology in this curriculum?
Will I have my own private office space?
Will I have access to e-mail and Internet from my office?
What other facilities and equipment will I have access to on campus?
What is appropriate dress on campus?

 Arrival & Accommodations

When are new instructors expected to arrive?
What kind of housing and transportation will I have?
Is tutoring or teaching privately or at other institutions allowed?
Is there a grievance policy in place?


What kind of visa must I have to come to Saudi Arabia?
What are the requirements to get a visa?
When should I start my visa preparation?
What documents will INTERLINK/Al Yamamah send or provide for me to apply for a work visa?
What other documents will I need to submit to obtain a work visa?
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