U.S. Prospective Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective employees interested in working at INTERLINK’s US centers often have similar questions, so we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions below. Click the questions to view the answers. 

The Program

What is the INTERLINK schedule?
What kind of curriculum does INTERLINK have?
What qualifications do INTERLINK teachers have?
What is the size of INTERLINK classes?
How are students assessed?

The Students

How long do students study at INTERLINK?
Who attends INTERLINK?
Do students who finish INTERLINK need TOEFL?
What is Conditional Admission?

 The Teaching Context

What teaching resources are available? Will INTERLINK provide extensive materials, or would it be good to provide my own?
If content is not specified, then how does assessment work? Are there standardized tests that determine grades?
Will I have my own private office space?


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