Introducing Al Yamamah University’s New Al Khobar Campus

INTERLINK International Institutes is pleased to announce the opening of its new center at Al Yamamah University-Khobar, in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, in the fall of 2022. 

INTERLINK’s President Ahad Shahbaz and Executive Director Nebila Dhieb visited the campus in March. They were both impressed by the innovative architectural design and the structural beauty of the campus. University President Hussam Ramadhan commented on the new campus’s state-of-the-art facilities, saying “It’s an ideal location — close to several other excellent universities whose presence offers the possibility of joint research, exchange of ideas, and cooperation among colleagues. The seaside breeze is an added bonus of this location.” 

Continuing with its nearly 20-year partnership and sharing its 40+ years of experience with YU colleagues, INTERLINK will be transferring the well-tested educational model to the East Coast of the Kingdom. The Al Khobar center will be preparing university-bound students with focus on critical thinking, reflective learning, and experiential educational opportunities. INTERLINK will also offer needs-based programs for professionals, business people, executives, and individual community people. It also expects to offer the popular program English as a Medium of Instruction for Saudi Teachers (EMIST).

INTERLINK’s partnership with Al Yamamah University stems from a shared vision of “offering the best educational opportunities in the Kingdom,” which was expressed by Board Chairman Khalid Alkhudair, founder of Al Yamamah. Starting with primary and secondary schools for boys and girls in the 1950’s, the Alkhudair family has been putting resources into developing the country’s educational needs at all educational levels — from Kindergarten through graduate studies. The founding of Al Yamamah in 2003 was their first step into tertiary education, which was intended to offer a practical, transformative education to prepare creative and entrepreneurial professionals. 

Together with INTERLINK, Al Yamamah and its affiliated schools have received excellent reviews in Saudi Arabia and the region by providing up-to-date and creative models of teaching and learning. Al Yamamah is proud to have alumni in key leadership posts in the ministries and industry,  contributing to society in major ways. The expansion of Al Yamamah University to the East Coast will extend almost two decades of consistent and progressive work toward excellence in higher education and service to society.

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