Student Spotlight – Yuna

Name: Yuna Minami

Country: Japan

Yuna is currently an undergraduate at Nagoya University of foreign studies in Japan. In May 2022, she began her study-abroad experience by studying English at INTERLINK. Below are excerpts from our interview.

How did your classes at INTERLINK compare to other classes you have taken?

Yuna: The English classes at Interlink are different from that I took before. The classes were not lecture type, and the teachers gave me many chances to say my opinion and think for myself. During my early days studying in America, I felt nervous and I could not participate positively in class. But, because all of the teachers are very kind and give me feedback, I could improve my English skill. Through class, I came to say my opinion in front of students and join in discussion positively. I improved not only my English skill, but also my thinking skill. 

What was the class atmosphere like?

The atmosphere of class was good. I worked on the same project or made discussions with other classmates. In group work, I had chances to interact with students from other countries. I learned cultural differences and ways to communicate to create a good relationship. I think what I learned at Interlink will be useful for my upcoming fall classes at UNCG.

What are you looking forward to during your fall semester at UNCG?

This fall semester, I look forward to taking classes about communication studies at UNCG. Thanks to INTERLINK, I already have knowledge about cultural differences and experienced actual intercultural communication. I feel these things will be an advantage for my learning. 

Finally, what were some of your favorite moments this summer, away from studying English? 

There were many! But two things were having dinner with friends at an American’s house and my trip to Disney World.

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