Season’s Greetings from INTERLINK 2021

As we look back upon 2021, we are grateful to our students, colleagues, and sponsors who have contributed to the success of our programs these past two years and forward to building upon these relations in the year to come. We feel fortunate that we — our students, university partners, agents, affiliates, and colleagues – are able to work together as part of this dynamic international community committed to academic excellence, cultural exchange, and inspired learning. Thank you for being part of this vital growth and transformation process for all. 

It is with great anticipation that we usher in 2022. Resilience and strategic thinking have been the dominant themes which have sustained us in our work these last two years. While the pandemic has challenged us all, it has also brought new opportunities. In 2022, we will continue to develop our online program and integrate online with in-person learning. Our key curricular tenets – reflection, collaborative project-based educational activities, and independent learning – have been thoroughly incorporated into our online classes. This new year will be one of refinement as we continue to utilize learners’ thoughts, interests, and feelings in discovery-based learning that yields strong results in critical thinking alongside academic skills and language development.

Experts indicate that “virtual work is here to stay,” and we remain committed to providing a variety of learning experiences for students. Students continue to take advantage of our conversation and reading clubs since they have made language learning very affordable. Our traditional intensive online courses have also enabled students from a wider range of countries to study together via INTERLINK’s online programs. 

Taking advantage of advancing technologies, we have expanded the number of our affiliated institutions (now more than a dozen) to provide increased degree options for our students. These institutions have agreed to waive the TOEFL/IELTS test requirements for students completing INTERLINK. In all of these learning environments, students express delight in seeing their progress, making international connections and learning about other cultures, a key component of our program. 

In hopes that the future is brighter, safer, and more fruitful for all, please accept our warm holiday greetings and our sincere wish that you and yours will have a very happy and healthy New Year. 

With good wishes, 

Ahad Shahbaz
President and CEO

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