Top 10: Student Activities at MSU in Bozeman, Montana

International students have the opportunity to enjoy many activities on university campuses and in the community. A.C.E. at Montana State University staff member Amy Engblom reveals the top 10 student activities for our Montana Institute!  

At A.C.E. Language Institute at Montana State University, students and staff have really had some fun times together. Here is a list of the most popular activities that we plan to continue making a part of student life. Some are for winter and others for spring and summer. Some include only students in the Intensive English Program and others include MSU students.  All are for enjoyment and good relationship building!

1. Yellowstone National Park
We rent a coach bus and spend the whole day travelling through this famous place full of geothermal sites, bison and other wildlife, and amazing waterfalls. A.C.E. Students at Yellowstone National Park

2. Ski Day
We learn to downhill ski at Bridger Bowl, a local ski resort only a half hour by car from Bozeman. Our students can get a special price which includes ski lessons, tickets, and rentals! Bridger Bowl

3. Museum of the Rockies and Taylor Planetarium Show
The main feature at this museum is dinosaur bones! The museum houses one of the largest collection of fossils in the world! Museum of the RockiesIMG_1020

4. Bowling & Billiards on Friday Afternoons
MSU’s Strand Union Rec Center has 6 bowling lanes, 14 billiard tables, arcades, air hockey and much more. Strand Union Rec Center

5. Corn Maze and Campfire
In the autumn season we go to a special farm and walk through a maze in the evening twilight…then we build a warm campfire and share some songs and company. Montana Corn Maze

6.Picnics and Pizza in the Park
We enjoy the beautiful summer weather, playing football and frisbee together and eating delicious pizza.

7. Helena, Capital City of Montana
We visit the State Capitol Building, eat lunch downtown, and see the famous sites. Visit HelenaIMG_1379

8. Native American Indian Pow-wow
This gathering of many American Indians shows their dancing, drumming, and costumes.
pow wow

9. Lewis & Clark Caverns and Virginia City Day Trip
Montana frontier cowboy culture mixed with an amazing walk through a limestone cave in the mountains. Lewis & Clark Caverns and Virginia Citycavern-city-msu-activities

10. Graduation Parties and BBQ
We have fun celebrating the success of our students with hamburgers, cake, and lots of applause!

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