English Program Description

INTERLINK courses are now being held online only through Summer 2021. Learn more about our online English courses.

The INTERLINK curriculum emphasizes intensive language learning, academic preparation, and cultural awareness. The curriculum focuses on listening, speaking, reading, writing, and skills necessary for professional growth and successful academic and social adjustment in the U.S. 

Core Courses
Class HoursClass Size
6 proficiency levels
5-week sessions
between 8am and 4pm
5-15 students
Academic and professional readiness

Critical thinking, problem-solving

Communication, presentation, research

Understanding lectures & discussions

Intercultural and social skills

Independent learning
Communication Skills (CS)
Reading and Writing (RW)
10 class hours per week
10 class hours per week
Maximum 15 students
Maximum 12 students
New Student Advising
1 hour per week

*cultural orientation and learning strategies

Communications Skills
CS courses help students develop university-level listening, speaking, note-taking, and presentation capabilities. Upon program completion, they are able to participate in discussions by expressing and supporting opinions; hypothesize and critique with appropriate academic or professional etiquette; and make formal presentations supported by academic research.

Reading and Writing Skills
RW courses help students develop the ability to read college-level texts or other non-fiction academic sources with good comprehension. Students gain awareness of style, tone, and purpose; are able to take notes effectively; and can ask and answer hypothetical as well as factual questions about readings.  Upon program completion, they can develop a thesis related to their fields of study and write papers based on a synthesis of information researched.

Special Projects: 3 hours per week

New Student Orientation (INTERLINK 101)
All new students receive orientation and extra support for a strong start in the program. They learn how to benefit from INTERLINK’s project-based and experiential approach to education. Students learn study strategies and develop interpersonal and intercultural skills that enrich their lives far beyond the INTERLINK 101 classroom.

Guided Independent Study Project
INTERLINK students are encouraged to experiment with English outside the classroom. They receive information about campus and community events that provide opportunities for using their English as well as build relationships with Americans and other international students. Students report back to their advisers on their experiences, cultural observations, and reflections on their language use.

Opportunities for authentic language practice include participation in extracurricular programs such as the conversation partners program and general social events held at each INTERLINK institute.

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