Independent Housing

Off-Campus Housing
Each center provides information and assistance to students who would like to live off campus. Students should contact the institute they are interested in to get institute specific information. Contact Us

On-Campus Housing
Living in a dorm provides great opportunities for learning English and meeting people. Dormitory rooms are available for both married and single INTERLINK students. Students should contact the institute they are interested in to get institute specific information. Contact Us


One way for students to get the most of their cross-cultural experience at INTERLINK is to live with American families. Living with an American family gives students the opportunity to practice their English outside of the classroom, learn more about American customs and culture, and make life-long friends. Homestays are dependent on availability of host families. If you apply and cannot be placed, your application fee will be refunded.

Carefully consider the following questions and answers to help you make a decision about whether you are the kind of person for whom a homestay is most appropriate. If you decide to do a homestay, please consult the US Institute of your choice about how to apply, or visit their websites for instructions – Indiana State University, Montana State UniversitySeattle Pacific UniversityThe University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Click the questions below to see the answers.

What is a Homestay?
What kind of student is best suited for a homestay?
What kind of families participate in the homestay program?
What do homestay families expect of students?
What are the advantages of a homestay?
Are there difficulties with a homestay?
Tips for a Successful Homestay Experience

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