Extended Mission Statement

Global interdependence has created an unprecedented and urgent need for better communication between individuals of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. INTERLINK International Institutes, Inc. has chosen to help meet that need by committing its talents and energies to providing intensive English instruction, academic preparation, and cross-cultural training; further, it is committed to promoting enhanced learning and higher order thinking skills to empower students to succeed in academic, professional, and personal realms.

This commitment is not lightly made. To accept the challenge of preparing students of today for the uncertain demands of tomorrow is a sobering act. It is undertaken only in concert with a faculty which brings to the task the highest standards of professionalism tempered by sensitivity and humility, and by administrators with the foreknowledge that they lead best by serving, and serve best by constantly striving for instructional quality tailored to a diverse student audience.

INTERLINK’s most precious assets are its students, a faculty that nurtures them, and leaders able and willing to help both flourish. This student-centered approach assumes diligence on the part of learners who, with justifiably high expectations both of themselves and of INTERLINK, are willing to take responsibility for their own learning when coached by competent and caring professionals.

This approach calls for a curriculum that challenges, is responsive to research findings, and is receptive to constructive criticism from faculty, students, and concerned members of the larger community. It assumes an environment where quality and fairness are accepted elements of all policy discussions and constant objectives of all decisions. By endorsing and adhering to standards set forth by he Commission on English Language Accreditation, by EnglishUSA, by NAFSA: Association of International Educators, and by Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, INTERLINK expresses its commitment to a learning environment rich in linguistic and cultural opportunities for qualified international students and professionals.

By striving to play its small role well, INTERLINK believes it can improve communications between peoples by helping to bridge those precious differences that give us roots and rudders in an ever shrinking and restless world.

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