October 12, 2020

Online English Conversation Club

Practice English with the support of experienced teachers

We are excited to announce INTERLINK’s online Conversation Club!

Along with other English language learners from around the world, students will meet to discuss current events, recent trends in technology, exciting shows streaming online, and other topics that are chosen by the group.

Possible Discussion Topics: art, travel, sports, health, holidays, careers, pets, fashion, movies, music, education, dating, cooking, friendship, families, health

Practice Conversation Skills: ask follow-up questions, assert opinions, agree and disagree

Plus, learn new vocabulary words and grammar tips!

Program Information

Start Date:Beginning of each month
Cost:$50 per month (paid monthly)
Schedule:2 sessions per week
1.5 hours each
Suggested proficiency:low intermediate to advanced levels

Schedule Options

Choose an option that works best for you:

Option A:
8:00 am EST
8 PM in Bangkok; 10 PM in Japan

Mondays & Wednesdays
Option B:
5:00 pm EST
7 PM in Brazil; 7 AM in South Korea

Mondays & Wednesdays


  • Study from the convenience of your home
  • Maintain your English skills by practicing with new friends
  • Prepare for English courses
  • Learn at your own pace in a casual, friendly environment
  • Discuss topics that interest you (i.e. travel, sports, news)

How to Begin

  1. Select your desired schedule and make a $50 payment for your first month:

  1. Our admissions staff will contact you with more information about next month’s classes. Then, your teacher will send you a Zoom link before your session begins.
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