INTERLINK Staff at Seattle Pacific University

INTERLINK teachers are selected for their knowledge and competence in the field of ESL, their extensive cross-cultural experience, and their unqualified commitment to their students. They use a variety of methods and approaches to mold their classes in accordance with their personal pedagogical outlooks, the needs of the particular individuals in the class, and the fundamental principles and goals of INTERLINK.

Tim Healy, Institute Director


Tim Healy has been active in the field of ESL for fifteen years as a teacher and administrator. He holds an MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Seattle Pacific University and a BA in Russian from the University of Montana. As a college student, he studied in the U.S.S.R. and subsequently lived in Russia. Tim has published and presented on the topic of authenticity in the language classroom and presented on authoring websites to promote writing skills and using wikis in teacher training. His interests include action research, curriculum development and teacher training. He enjoys working with INTERLINK and SPU staff to assist students in optimizing their opportunities for learning in the multi-cultural environment of Seattle.

Grace Rowan, Instructor

Grace Rowan began teaching in 2014 after receiving her TESOL certificate and BA in linguistics. She began by teaching international students at City University of Seattle and Kaplan International School. In 2016, Grace entered Seattle Pacific University to earn her MA-TESOL. While earning this degree she worked as an English language learning materials developer, completed an internship at Seattle Central College, and began working with Interlink students as a tutor. She is happy to have now become a member of the Interlink teaching team.

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