Student Spotlight – Meet Blessings

Name: Benedictte “Blessings” Chilufya
Country: Zambia
Major: Nursing
Advice to new students: Be who you are, be confident, and jump in!

Benedictte Chilufya is ready to change the world! 

Benedictte has an ambitious list of goals and accomplishments inspired by her desire to touch people’s lives. Originally from Zambia, she was a career nurse at the largest hospital in the country. Suitably nicknamed “Blessings”, her career path was shaped by her faith and passion for spreading hope to others. Blessings has been accepted into the nursing program at Montana State University. Starting in the Fall of 2021, she will further her studies in order to practice her profession in the U.S.

When Blessings arrived in the U.S., the cold weather and differences in food were challenging for her. Now that she has lived here for two years, she says she has learned a lot about being flexible and trying new things. One of the foods she misses from Zambia is called nshima – a dish with small fish that she eats with beans and kapenta. Luckily, she’s been able to find cassava here in the U.S. which she uses to recreate another favorite dish. 

When she isn’t studying for her English classes at INTERLINK, you might find Blessings writing songs. She found her love for music, singing, and dancing through her church. A multi-talented young woman, she is hoping to record her second album soon. Blessings says she has enjoyed having time to write more music during the last year. She keeps busy working with an online marketing business, writing a book, and hopes to work with vulnerable populations. She thrives in partnerships with innovative thinkers and is motivated by people who, like her, want to do good in the world. Blessings says her classes at INTERLINK have helped her become a more confident writer and speaker.

“INTERLINK is a vehicle that will make you reach your destination with less hiccups.”

Blessings Chilufya

Currently studying at the highest level of INTERLINK classes, Blessings is on track to graduate from the program in June. She notes that the education she has received at INTERLINK has been invaluable: “Once you have the knowledge, no one can steal it away from you.” Though her IELTS scores met the requirements for admission, she recognized that INTERLINK would set her up for a successful transition to university. She says, “INTERLINK is a vehicle that will make you reach your destination with less hiccups.”

Blessings encourages other students to take INTERLINK classes because of the in-depth nature of the program.  She is particularly impressed with the improvement in her writing skills. Blessings now feels confident in her ability to express herself through academic writing, and as a result, she feels more prepared for her transition to university.

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