INTERLINK Wishes for 2019

“We have arrived at an age where our voices and images carry across the planet, riding on beams of light…The bonds of compassion that held us together as a tribe are calling to be reestablished so they can hold us together as a world. ”
– Ari B. Siletz

Happy 2019!

Despite major global challenges, INTERLINK remains optimistic. Work on our established themes — effective communication, enhanced cooperation, and intercultural competence — will continue to create a better world for generations to come. Helping students become caring leaders through practical, experiential learning will always be our goal.

Exciting ideas about learning and empowering students give us renewed energy and determination in pursuing our educational vision. In fact, we are being led to be even more learner-centered, instilling in students critical thinking through academic experience and reflection. Positive feedback from our students has confirmed that our instructional innovations are indeed contributing to their continued academic success.

Grateful to you and those who continue to support us in achieving our mission, we pray for peaceful coexistence, wisdom in our leaders, and cultivation of mutual respect for all.

With best wishes to you and yours for a fruitful and fulfilling 2019,

Ahad Shahbaz

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