Founding director of INTERLINK at Valparaiso Retires


INTERLINK at VU staff celebrated the career and contributions of director Becky Shelton

The INTERLINK at Valparaiso University community gathered together to bid farewell and honor Becky Shelton, founding director and leader of INTERLINK at VU for 25 years. A shining example of excellent leadership, diplomacy, and management as well as superb service to students, faculty, and the community, Becky will be dearly missed. We will cherish the lessons in caring, integrity and service that she taught us by example. Wishing you only the best in your retirement, Becky!


INTERLINK President, Ahad Shahbaz, with Hugh McGuigin,
former Valpo Director of International Studies, and Jim Albers,
former Vice President for Admissions and Dean of Graduate Studies,
reminiscing on their roles in the establishment of INTERLINK at VU.


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