GO Teachers Reflect on their time at Valparaiso

The GO Teacher Generation Through INTERLINK

By Romulo Arciniega B., GO Teacher participant and INTERLINK Graduate

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Six years ago the government of Ecuador started a program to improve the quality of Ecuadorian education. One of the most important and strategic aspects of this project was the training of English teachers in universities in the United States. Valparaiso University and INTERLINK have been two of the institutions that have contributed so that Ecuadorian teachers could carry out this goal successfully.

INTERLINK requires a special mention during this training because it has been like a micro world where different people and cultures of the world join under one similar purpose: to master the English language. The style and teaching model of INTERLINK has shaped the communicative and cognitive skills of all Ecuadorian GO teachers. It has helped teachers gain confidence when speaking English, it has enhanced our critical thinking, and more remarkably, INTERLINK has transformed GO Teachers into real bilingual speakers.

This experience has marked each one of the GO Teachers personally and professionally. The time GO Teachers have spent at INTERLINK has not been just a time for learning, it has been a time for reflecting, sharing, and cultural enrichment. INTERLINK, its staff, and classes are and will be forever good memories.

Thanks, INTERLINK, for helping GO Teachers acquire a second language.

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