At UNCG, a Tea Social with INTERLINK students invites conversation

A Taste of Tea
By Sonali Kathuria, INTERLINK UNCG Student Assistant


All humans can relate to one thing – food and drinks! Thanks to globalization we have seen foods and drinks originate in one place and surface in another, with variations on them from the new culture. At UNCG, INTERLINK students sampled different snacks and specifically one simple drink, tea, and how it tastes around the world.

At our Tea Social, students tasted teas from a variety of different countries such as China, India, Oman, Thailand and many more. English Speaking Partner, Caroline Bartley, thought that this “…was a great way to bond [with INTERLINK students] and learn about different cultures.” Along with the numerous types of teas, INTERLINK students tasted snacks from Australia, America, Turkey and several other countries. As our students’ stomachs filled up, it was time to fill their brains.

We divided the crowd into small groups with each team representing a different country. The teams competed with one another on trivia facts about the different countries from which they had tasted food. There were questions testing students’ knowledge to see if they remembered the food they had eaten just a few moments before as well as questions about different clothes and ways of life in cultures around the world. One of our INTERLINK students, Yumeng Ma, loved the fact that she was able to learn something while having a great time!

To top the evening off, students gave one another henna tattoos. Students wrote their names on their friends’ hands in their native languages and drew different henna designs. Through food, drinks, and games, INTERLINK students were able to learn how they are one and the same, yet all possess their own unique cultural identity.

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