Interview with an INTERLINK student

By Jairo Patricio Galarza Pucha, INTERLINK student at Valparaiso University
Source: INTERzine Vol. 1, Issue 1, May 2015
Pedram EtebariPedram Etebari studied at INTERLINK three years ago. Now he is studying Exercise Science at Valparaiso University. He also works as a desk attendant at the Fitness Center and is a student ambassador at the Office of International Programs.

What does INTERLINK mean to you?
INTERLINK was my home. It was really comfortable. I started at level 3. All the professors made everything easy to understand.

How did INTERLINK help you to succeed?
It helped in different ways. For example, RW helped with my writing skills, because at the university I have to write a lot research papers. I learned so much at INTERLINK, especially from Lisa.

Why did you choose to study at INTERLINK?
I wanted to learn perfect English, INTERLINK teaches English and cross-cultural orientation, and Valparaiso is a small city and it is better to study in a small one rather than in big cities with more distractions.

How many friends did you make at INTERLINK?
All the people who studied at INTERLINK…I made some great friends; we support each other, we hang out and also study together…to achieve our goals.

Do you have any advice for current students?
Take every single step that the teachers give you seriously. Every single class at INTERLINK helped me earn A+ or A- at the university because I study hard and seriously.

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