April 28, 2014


For over thirty-five years, INTERLINK has helped students prepare for success at U.S. institutions of higher education. Expanding this opportunity, high-achieving students from selected countries may qualify for scholarships for the English language portion of their study. Students must be from African, Central Asian, East-Asian, European, or Latin American countries.

Any student who a) is not receiving government funds and b) who did not come to INTERLINK through an agent, and c) is full-time, may receive a scholarship. Awards are renewable each term, provided that recipients’ full-time status and grades do not change.

Based on the students’ grade point average (GPA), scholarships fall into the following four categories:

I. New Students

a. Presidential         GPA: 91%-100%             50% scholarship
b. Academic            GPA: 81%-90%               30% scholarship

II. Family Members of Alumni

Knowing that families make sacrifices when they send their children abroad, INTERLINK offers a reduction in the cost of education for family of students and alumni:

  • Spouses, parents, siblings, and children of current or former students receive 20% scholarship

III. Governments and Sponsoring Agencies

International organizations, sponsoring agencies, and institutions of higher education are encouraged to contact us for specific details on group training for language studies and university placement.

For further information, please contact us at ESL@interlink.edu or visit https://interlink.edu/apply/.

IV. Discount Match

INTERLINK will match any tuition scholarship that its partner universities give to a qualified student. INTERLINK will provide the same discount to the same student during their periods of INTERLINK enrollment. Students receiving this discount do not qualify for any other INTERLINK scholarships.

To Apply: Please contact the Center Director at the location of your choice:

  • INTERLINK Center at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro: Patrick Lilja, patrick.lilja@interlink.edu
  • INTERLINK Center at Valparaiso University: Becky Shelton, becky.shelton@interlink.edu
  • INTERLINK Center at Indiana State University: Marisa Brooks, marisa.brooks@interlink.edu

For additional scholarship opportunities, click the links below:

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