March 18, 2014

Admission Policy

The INTERLINK program is designed for students with a basic knowledge of English* but who have not yet attained the proficiency required for college admission or vocational competence.

There is no minimum or maximum age requirement (most of our students are in their late teens and 20’s) although students must be able to provide transcripts showing they are at least in high school.

Regardless of program size, class size is limited (12 for R/W classes and 15 for C/S classes).

Applicants are required to disclose in writing any criminal charges against them (such charges may disqualify them from admission if so dictated by federal, state or campus regulations).

*Students are expected to have a basic vocabulary, understand very simple oral language, and be able to write simple sentences in English. Students who have successfully completed at least one year of English as part of their school studies, one course at a language institute, or have other English experience typically satisfy the basic knowledge requirement. Students who are not sure if they meet this minimum requirement should submit a short sample of their writing with their application.

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