Pre-Acceptance Questions for Employment Candidates

Your responses to the PAQ will help us better determine whether we are a good fit for each other. Please reflect on the items below and respond to each one as concisely and thoughtfully as possible. Response to any specific item should not exceed 600 words (2500 characters).

1. In a reflective style, NOT simply a paraphrased version of your resume, discuss how your personal and professional experiences (challenges, cross-cultural encounters, successes, failures, disappointments, and exciting moments) have had an impact on you as a teacher and a person.
1. Please react to this INTERLINK tenet: "We do not teach language but create situations in which students can acquire language." (If you have used your answer to this question in your cover letter, please skip to #2)
2. What thinker/scholar in the field of TESL has most influenced your teaching? Please explain how and why.
3. What specific ideas from ESL/Second Language Acquisition research have you intentionally incorporated into your teaching, and how?
4. How do you integrate learning objectives, teaching activities, and assessment in your classroom? Help us understand the main principles that guide how you operate in a classroom.

5. Briefly, describe a lesson you have taught, indicating what you did, what students did, time frames, etc. Or, you may submit a short Demo lesson/task.
Briefly describe the lesson:
Optional: Link to teaching demo
Length of lesson:
Post-lesson assessment: What was achieved? What went well and what could be improved? What would you do differently in a similar context?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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