January 27, 2014

Saudi Arabia Campus

As the “lingua franca” of business, science, and international communication, English is essential in today’s interdependent world. Since the latter part of the 20th century, demand for use of English has increased exponentially in the Kingdom, and it has now become the first skill required of all new employees in the Saudi labor market. For these reasons, Al Yamamah University has entered into a partnership with INTERLINK Language Centers to provide quality instruction to accommodate the academic needs of both its students and those in the larger community wishing to improve their English language skills for personal, professional and study abroad purposes. This partnership is aimed at advancing not only English language training but also international understanding and educational exchanges between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, North America, and other countries around the world. The INTERLINK at Al Yamamah English language and cross-cultural training programs (one for men and one for women) are located on the Al Yamamah campus in Riyadh.



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