February 3, 2014

US Prospective Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective students interested in studying at INTERLINK’s US institutes often have similar questions, so we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions below.  Click the questions to view the answers. 

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The Program

How many hours of instruction are there?
What kind of curriculum does INTERLINK have?
What qualifications do INTERLINK teachers have?
How long do students study at INTERLINK?
Who attends INTERLINK?
Do students who finish INTERLINK need TOEFL?
What is Conditional Admission?
What is the size of INTERLINK classes?
How are students assessed?


When and how can I begin the program?
Do I need a Student Visa?
What is my immigration status after I enter the U.S.
When should I come to INTERLINK to register?
What is Conditional Admission?


Does INTERLINK help with housing?


What happens if I get sick?


How do I get to INTERLINK?

University Courses

Can I get help with college applications and placement?
Can I take college/university courses?

Tuition & Fees

When and how do I pay the tuition and fees?
Are scholarships available for study at INTERLINK?
Is work available to allow me to pay for my studies at INTERLINK?
If I leave INTERLINK early, will my tuition be refunded?

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