FAQ for Affiliates

Frequently Asked Questions about Partnerships and Affiliations

How long is the term length of the program? 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12, 16 weeks?

With regard to the length of the program, if a university has a student apply for conditional admission to a program there is a need to anticipate when the student might start their studies. Many admissions systems require a start term, which can be adjusted as needed. Would you envision students applying for conditional admission before they start studies with Interlink or once they reached a certain level in the program? Or both?

Al Yamamah is listed as both a partner and an – can you explain?

GIIM – what institution is this?

The final bullet in the affiliate section states “We are in the process of inviting them as affiliates” does this refer just to St Ambrose and Valparaiso?

What information can you share about your faculty? Credentials?

What is the highest proficiency level at INTERLINK whose completion qualifies students for regular admission to academic programs?

What is considered a passing grade for the INTERLINK highest proficiency level?

What is the difference between the partnerships and affiliates?

Does INTERLINK still have conditional admission with Valparaiso and St. Ambrose universities?

Does INTERLINK offer advanced or graduate level prep courses?

Can F1 students in the US transfer into the online program?

How does INTERLINK work with Agents?

Is INTERLINK Interested in establishing on-campus partnerships, similar to the partnerships with its current host universities?

What do students or sponsors say about their experiences at INTERLINK?

What documentation does an admission officer receive from INTERLINK about students who successfully complete the INTERLINK program?

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