INTERLINK Staff at Indiana State University

INTERLINK teachers are selected for their knowledge and competence in the field of ESL, their extensive cross-cultural experience, and their unqualified commitment to their students. They use a variety of methods and approaches to mold their classes in accordance with their personal pedagogical outlooks, the needs of the particular individuals in the class, and the fundamental principles and goals of INTERLINK.

marisa-2 Marisa Brooks, Institute Director

Marisa Brooks began her career in education over 30 years ago in Japan, where she taught English for many years. A former INTERLINK institute director at both Valparaiso University and Indiana State University, she was most recently an instructional designer for Pearson Education, where she focused on teaching methodologies, techniques, theories, and cross-cultural topics. A keen observer of classroom teachers, she has developed a professional practice that includes teacher training and curriculum design and is a licensed CELTA trainer. Marisa holds a BA in English from Central College and the MA in TESOL from the School for International Training.

jennifer-final Jennifer Duncan, Student Services Coordinator

Jennifer Duncan has been the Student Services Coordinator at INTERLINK for four years.  She believes that the best part about her job is meeting all of the students and learning about their cultures.  Jennifer was raised in a multi-cultural home with a mother who was an ESL teacher.  She came to Terre Haute, IN in 1998 to study Psychology at Indiana State University.  She is very happy to share her experiences at ISU with new and prospective students. Jennifer’s job at INTERLINK gives her the opportunity to help students in a variety of ways.

Jennifer Guzman, Senior Academic Coordinator

After earning an M.A. in Intercultural Studies and TESOL from Wheaton College and spending a decade in China, Jennifer returned to the States and joined INTERLINK in 2011. As an INTERLINK instructor, she was able to expand her experience to working with students from many different countries as well as using an experiential and project-based approach to English language learning. She now serves as INTERLINK’s Senior Academic Coordinator facilitating INTERLINK’s Curriculum Task Force and providing support for teaching teams across INTERLINK’s six institutes.

Kylie Carrithers, Academic Coordinator

Kylie Carrithers is very excited to be an instructor at INTERLINK, where the staff are committed to preparing students for the realities of university life here in the US. Before coming to INTERLINK, she taught English as a Second Language at Indiana State, and is familiar with what ISU professors are looking for from international students. She has also spent time abroad, both as a student in a Spanish immersion program in Spain, and as a teacher at Rajabhat Mahasarakham University in Thailand. Kylie’s Master’s degree is in Teaching English as a Second Language from Indiana State, where  she also earned a B.A. in Cross-Linguistics, which combines linguistics with a foreign language. As a graduate student, Kylie served on the board of INTESOL, the local affiliate of ESL teachers in Indiana.

Megan Whitehead, Instructor

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies and Spanish from Indiana University, studying abroad in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and earning a Master’s Degree in TESOL/Linguistics from Indiana State University, Megan landed a great career opportunity at INTERLINK. After teaching Spanish at ISU during 2012-2013, she felt the curriculum at INTERLINK provided more opportunities for her to develop as a teacher. Having studied abroad has enabled her to relate to the students and support them throughout their time at INTERLINK. Being from Terre Haute and having studied at ISU, INTERLINK has given Megan a chance to share her knowledge and experiences with students, as well as prepare them for a future at ISU.

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